Why We Don’t Support SB 22

MarchOnHarrisburg supports redistricting reform that creates an independent, nonpartisan citizen commission. To be truly independent, the commission must be:

  • Made up of citizens
  • Fully transparent with public hearings during the map-making process
  • Excludes current or former lobbyists, legislators, and political operatives (and their partners or family members!)
  • Uses only census data, not meta-data or voting preferences, to draw the lines
  • Is selected by random selection, not legislative appointment

Unfortunately, the amended version of SB 22 that passed on May 22 by the Senate State Government Committee removed the random selection process and replaced it with legislative appointment. Because of this, this legislation would no longer create an independent commission. Random selection is important because it keeps political operatives and people with conflicts of interest out of the process.

Instead of taking the power of gerrymandering out of the hands of the Legislature, the new SB 22 allows the Legislature to vote on who is in the commission, appointing members to the commission through a 2/3 vote of both the House and the Senate.

What’s Next:

SB 22 was voted out of committee, and it is likely that it will soon be passed through the Senate.

In the House, Majority Leader Dave Reed is eager to introduce his own redistricting bill. In a meeting with his office last week, they were clear that they will introduce their bill soon, and that random selection (they call it jury duty style selection) is one of their key points. We encouraged Majority Leader Reed to stand by random selection and to introduce his bill ASAP. If this legislation is introduced as a truly independent commission, we will fight for it.

What You Can Do:

Call Majority Leader Dave Reed and tell him you want a truly independent commission!

Majority Leader Dave Reed

Harrisburg Office: (717) 705-7173


“Hello, my name is ______[mention if you are a constituent.] Our current redistricting process is a mess and we need to fix it. We need you to introduce your independent nonpartisan citizens commission bill as soon as possible, and I want to offer my support for your jury duty style selection process – random selection – to appoint the commissioners. Jury duty style selection is crucial to maintain the independence and integrity of the commission. Please introduce your bill as soon as possible and stand behind jury duty style selection when reconciling with the Senate. Thank you!”

Stay tuned as we move closer to the deadline for events and actions at the State Capitol during the week of June 25.

For Love and Democracy,

The MarchOnHarrisburg Team

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